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Tribologik® provides monthly webinar training on condition monitoring, oil, coolant and fuel analysis in both English and French.

Private seminars are available at both our Hammond and Montreal laboratories as well as in your local area or site.

Machine Lubrication Technician and Machine Lubrication Analysts Level 1

AMRRI unique offering is a 4-day class that covers both the MLTI and MLAI Body of Knowledge in accordance to ISO 18436-4. It provides the foundational training for reliability-centered machine lubrication work practices AND oil-sample based condition assessment. This class will help you understand the positive impact that high quality lubrication practices can have on your machine’s health and your plant’s productivity. Participants will learn how to transform an existing lubrication process from modest and reactive to thorough, accurate and proactive. The MLT I or MLA I exam is administered on the Friday morning after the class through ICML. Registration for either or both exams can be done through ICML at or call (918)-259-2950. A supplemental exam can be administered at later date to gain both certifications if you don’t want to take both exams on the same day.

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Mike Johnson is the instructor for this course and Founder and President of AMRRI (Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc). He has 25+ years of practical experience in the field of industrial lubrication and equipment reliability management. He has assisted in developing reliability improvement strategies and implementing reliability centered machine lubrication programs for many well-known multinational manufacturers, including Cargill, International Paper, Ford Motors, Goodyear, General Mills, Saturn, Southdown, Chemetals, Arcadian Group, Diesel Recon, and many others. Mike has an extensive background in theoretical and practical tribology and uses this knowledge assisting organizations that want to improve machine reliability through training, in-plant coaching, failure analysis, and through advice and support in developing standards for precision lubrication practices. Mike holds CMRP, CLS, MLT 2, MLA 3 certifications


$2750 per day (For up to 10 people)

(additional cost) Registration and exam for either or both exams can be done through ICML at or call (918)-259-2950

Maximum 25 students

*Prices subject to change

*All prices are quoted in USD

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All our sessions are dispensed by qualified chemists (Ph.D.) with field and laboratory experience.

A wide range of topics are available, including:

Tribologik’s oil analysis training programs are tailored to your needs.

For our Quebec, Canada clients only: Seminars offered in Quebec, Canada are subject to the tax rebate in accordance with: "La Loi favorisant le développement et la reconnaissance des compétences de la main-d’œuvre"

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